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fallopian tube
One of the two tubes extending from the uterus to the ovaries, providing a path by which the ovum, or egg, travels from the ovary to the uterus during ovulation.

false positive test result
A test result that indicates cancer is present when it is not.

femoral artery
(fem-o-ral ar-ter-E)
A major artery that supplies blood to the lower extremity.

Prefix designating the presence of metallic iron.

The presence of metallic iron or of the divalent ion Fe2+ that possesses magnetism.

In humans, the product of conception from the end of the eighth week to the moment of birth.

A benign tumor usually occurring in breast tissue.

A common and benign (non-cancerous) condition of cysts in the breast, characterized by lumpiness and sometimes discomfort.

Resembling or composed of fibers or fibrous tissue.

fibroid tumor
Masses of fiber and muscle tissue in the wall of the uterus, also known as myomas.

fine needle aspiration
A type of biopsy in which a small needle is inserted through the skin to the site of an abnormal growth to collect and remove a sample of cells for analysis.

A program or hardware device that filters information coming through an Internet connection into a computer system. If the incoming information packet is flagged by the filters it is not allowed through.

A groove or tear.

An abnormal connection or false passageway between the body's organs and or blood vessels.

A device that projects radiographic (x-ray) images in a movie-like sequence onto a screen monitor.

Examination of the tissues and deep structures of the body by x-ray, using the fluoroscope.

Foley catheter
A flexible plastic tube (a catheter) inserted into the bladder to provide continuous urinary drainage.

The process of administering a dose of radiation in smaller units over time, as opposed to a single large dose, to minimize tissue damage.

A partial or complete break in a bone.

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